Oil on canvas
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Phone: 250.421.1056

Sharon Routley is a self taught artist residing in Cranbrook, B.C. Her artwork has often been compared to Van Gogh, or Narnia-like, evoking a feeling of looking into another world. She prefers to not look at any subject material, allowing room for the creative process to bloom. Many ideas for paintings build over time, like a dreamscape. Sharon’s mission in the art world is to try to create art that you feel as much as you see.

Sharon’s work has been displayed in numerous galleries around the East Kootenays, and hangs in private collections across B.C. and Alberta, and the U.S.A. and as far away as India and Mexico. Her painting “Morning Wine” has been distributed in the form of a wine label by MacDay labels across USA and Canada, and is available at Wine Works locally.

Singing and songwriting also play a large part in Sharon's life, playing as part of the band “Daze of Grace” along with her son Jubal and husband Warren. Dividing her interests has been very freeing, as she paints what she cannot sing, and sings what she cannot paint... She recently published a coffee table book which melds her artwork and writings; entitled “Rumours of Glory: Impressions in paintings and words... ” and is available here.

Her art is featured in the video below for the Daze of Grace song After the Rain.

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